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Central Oregon Car Insurance News – Best Online Resources for Your Next Road Trip


By Tye Farnsworth

It’s June and summer is officially here in Bend and with the warmer weather it’s time to hit the road to take a road trip and see the beauty of central Oregon.

Before hitting the road, make sure that you have your Central Oregon Car Insurance up to date and to save you time and money you might want to consider using the following resources.

TripTik Travel Planner

This resource makes planning a trip anywhere in the United States super easy. With the TripTik Travel Planner you will be able to map the best routes, find gas stations, track the latest gas prices for the area that you’re traveling in, find the most affordable place to stay and so much more.

Road Trip America

With the Road Trip America resource, you will have another awesome tool at your fingertips because, it will enable you to plot the best itinerary for your trip, access the latest maps for the area that you’re traveling and also fine points of interest that would be great places to stop, take pictures and enjoy a nice break before you reach your destination.

The Bathroom Diaries

If you’re like me, one of the most important parts about going on a road trip is knowing where all the bathrooms are. Thankfully, with the Bathroom Diaries you will be able to easily find were the best restrooms anywhere in the United States, especially if you’re traveling an area where they don’t have a lot of rest stops.

The Bathroom Diaries is also a great resource because, every restroom facility that’s listed in this resource has been rated by actual users of those facilities and ratings are based upon things like accessibility, cleanliness and of course changing tables if you have babies.

Roadside America

Another fun part about taking a road trip is stopping and seeing all the awesome oddities that you might encounter and with Roadside America you will be able to see all the best roadside oddities no matter what part of the country that you traveling through.

For example, everyone is familiar with Oil Can Henry’s, the famous will change franchise in the state Oregon, well thanks to Roadside America we know that the world’s largest pig hairball is located in Mt. Angel, just five miles away from the Oil Can Henry’s location in Silverton Oregon.

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