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Central Oregon Car Insurance News – Learn More about the Real Savings When You Get New Car Insurance

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If You’ve Been With Your Car Insurance Company For More Than One Year It’s Time For A Change, Here’s Why…

By Tye Farnsworth

As a Central Oregon Car Insurance Agent I always tell people that they can save money on car insurance and many people want to know how much can they really save by switching to a new car insurance company.

Thanks to recent data from we know that you can save about $540 per year on the auto policy for your vehicle and that’s huge considering it only takes about 10 minutes to shop for car insurance and this savings equals about $54 per minute.

The per minute savings that you will enjoy is even better than the savings you will get from shopping for a new cable television, cell phone or home phone plan.


More Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Besides using the Internet to save money you can save money on your Central Oregon Car Insurance by doing the following:

* Drive fewer miles per year – Besides helping you to save money on car insurance driving fewer miles per year will save the wear and tear on your vehicle too.

* Keep your vehicle maintained – Example: regular oil changes, yearly tune ups etc.

* Park in a garage or parking structure at night.

* If you’re in school continue to get good grades.

* Add a car alarm or install a device to protect your vehicle.

* Maintain your credit score – Most car insurance companies do base car insurance prices off of credit scores so this tip is very important.

* Don’t forget to update your car insurance company if you move or get married because, lifestyle changes can ultimately help save you money on car insurance as well.

Tools & Resources Available

Besides being a great way to save money on car insurance you can also use many of the tools & resources online to save money on any type of insurance including auto, home, renters and so much more.

When searching for a specific type of insurance you must select a product and keep in mind what your budget is when searching for car insurance because, there are many car insurance companies online who will offer you rate quotes based on their own specific criteria.


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