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Central Oregon Car Insurance News – More Drivers Willing To Purchase Self-Driving Vehicles

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Would you buy a self-driving car if that meant that you would ultimately pay less money on Central Oregon Car Insurance each month?

According to a new survey from almost every licensed driver (9 out of 10) that they asked said they would consider purchasing a self-driving vehicle in the future if it meant that they could have a car insurance discount of at least 80 percent.

Right around the Corner?

In the survey 20 percent of licensed drivers that were surveyed also indicated that they would be willing to purchase a self-driving vehicle regardless of it meant that they would enjoy a discount on their car insurance premium or not.

Will self-driving vehicles be a common sight for people who have Central Oregon Car Insurance and regularly drive the roads of Central Oregon? It’s anybody’s guess since the technology still seems to be about 10 years off from the average person being able to enjoy owning a vehicle like Kit from Knight Rider.

How Can You Save Money On Car Insurance Now?

Why wait 10 years for Microsoft or Google to invent a self-driving vehicle so you can save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance? You can save money now simply by doing the following:

  • Bundle – If you have multiple car, life, homeowner or other insurance policies with more than one company you should bundle your insurance premiums with one company and save hundreds of dollars on car insurance each month.
  • Protect your vehicle – You should consider purchasing a car alarm or vehicle protection system for your vehicle, regardless of its age because, studies have shown that protecting your car or truck is one of the best things that you can do to save money on car insurance each month.

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