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Central Oregon Car Insurance News – What To Look Out For In 2014

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2013 has been a great year across the United States as Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums have remained low, and the economic recession finally has crept to a close, but with the implementation of Obamacare the health insurance world has been rocked since millions of people across Oregon and the United States are only now finding out that they will be losing their current health insurance premiums thanks to Obamacare becoming law.

As Obamacare struggles to exist, Washington is now turning their attention to regulating the car insurance industry and you could find yourself having to buy your Central Oregon Car Insurance through a Government website in the future instead of enjoying the freedom of choice that you enjoy now when it comes to buying car insurance.

Why Mess With Car Insurance?

Anyone who has Central Oregon Car Insurance doesn’t want to think about the aspect of having Washington do to car insurance, what they did to health insurance, but it’s a real possibility, that we all could face, since Washington tracks the increase in car insurance premiums and has found that rates have risen by close to 50% since 1989.

How you can Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

One of the biggest differences between Central Oregon Car Insurance and health insurance is that individuals have always had more options to choose from when picking a car insurance carrier and anyone can lower their monthly premium by doing the following: ask for a bundled rate, purchasing a car alarm for their vehicle, parking indoors or in a parking structure at night and moving to a safer part of town.

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