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Central Oregon Car Insurance Myths

Car Insurance Myths
Car Insurance Myths – Learn More About The Truth In Car Insurance

Learn More About Which Central Oregon Car Insurance Myths Are True or False

By Tye Farnsworth

In the world of Central Oregon Car Insurance there are many myths that the average driver doesn’t know is true or false that’s why in today’s post we will break down some of the most common car insurance myths so you can separate fiction from reality.

Myth 1 – Red Cars Cost More to Insure Than Other Colors

False – Although it’s been a common myth for years, and many people will tell you not to buy a red car because it will get pulled over by the cops, the truth is that your vehicles color does not affect your car insurance premium.

Myth 2 – If I Get Into a Car Accident My Insurer Can Cancel Me

False – Your car insurance company cannot cancel your policy if you get into a car accident, even if you cause extensive damages, because, most insurers will almost always wait until the clients policy period has expired before canceling their policy.

Myth 3 – Central Oregon Car Insurance Costs Less with Smaller Vehicles

False – When you purchase Central Oregon Car Insurance you will pay more for insuring a smaller vehicle compared to a bigger vehicle like a mid-size SUV or minivan because both drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles generally incur more damages and have greater injury claims than bigger vehicles.

Myth 4 – Car Thieves Prefer To Steal Newer Vehicles

False – In 2014 most car thieves prefer to steal older vehicles rather than newer cars and trucks because, an older vehicle is typically easier to sell than a newer vehicle so this is why you should consider keeping full Central Oregon Car Insurance coverage if your car or truck is five years old or older.

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