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Should You Let Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Lapse?

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Bend Oregon – Can driving without car insurance affect the Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium that you will pay down the road? The answer to this question is YES.

When you let your car insurance lapse, especially if you’re behind the wheel, driving without Central Oregon Car Insurance, you can expect to pay more for car insurance than other drivers because, your car insurance company will see you as a liability, or potential risk, but there are ways that you can lower your car insurance premium without having to worry about paying more money for car insurance.

Report Your Change in Lifestyle

Let’s say you recently got married, changed jobs, are driving less, or you recently started a family, you can pay less for your car insurance premium simply by reporting those lifestyle changes to your car insurance carrier because, lifestyle changes like marriage are signs of stability and many times insurance companies will give you a discount since you’ve proven that you are a stable individual who can be trusted.

Choose a Higher Deductible

If you’re a safe driver and have never had to file a Central Oregon Car Insurance claim you should consider choosing a higher car insurance deductible because, paying a higher deductible means that you will have a lower monthly car insurance payment but this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly because, you must be ready to pay a high deductible when it’s due or your car insurance will not kick in.

How Many Miles Do You Really Drive?

Sometimes it’s easy to take public transportation, ride a bike or walk to work, especially during beautiful days in Central Oregon so why not calculate how many miles you really drive per month because, you could be paying a lot more for your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy especially if your car insurance company thinks that you’re driving more miles per year than you actually do.

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