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Can You Get A Central Oregon Car Insurance Discount If You’re A Homeowner?

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Thanks to a recent report from we know that most Central Oregon Car Insurance, and companies that offer car insurance across the United States, are offering new and existing client’s discounts on their car insurance policies, if they are home owners.

Fair Discount?

Why would someone who owns a home pay less for their Central Oregon Car Insurance? The answer to this question is simple; car insurance companies feel that people who own their own homes will be safe drivers on the road and not risk the possibility of getting into an accident because, they have more assets to protect and don’t want to take any risks.

Average Limits

Most car insurance companies recommend that homeowners raise their car insurance premiums to $100,000 person and also $300,000 per accident should they get into a car accident and want to have complete confidence that all their assets are protected.

A homeowner who also has Central Oregon Car Insurance should also consider updating their property damage coverage limits to $100,000 just so they can have that special “layer” of insurance protection especially if they find themselves in a car accident with a higher end vehicle like a Tesla.

How You Can Get Discounts

The great thing about Central Oregon Car Insurance is that you can save yourself hundreds of dollars per year in car insurance premium costs simply by asking for these discounts like: good student and safe driver as well as asking for discounts for multi-car policies, living in a safe neighborhood and car insurance discounts for lifestyle changes like getting married, having a child etc.

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