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How To Get a Central Oregon Car Insurance Discount For Your Teenage Driver

Teenage Driver Central Oregon

One of the most exciting things about having a child who is going to High School or College is that they are venturing off into the world for the first time but taking those first big steps into the world also means that you can expect an increase in your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium because teenage drivers do pay more for their car insurance than older drivers.

Although teenage drivers will pay more for their Central Oregon Car Insurance it’s difficult but not impossible when it comes to lowering their car insurance premium so you’re not paying more for car insurance every month than you have to, especially if you follow these simple steps.

Safe Driving Pays Off

The first thing you can do to lower your child’s Central Oregon Car Insurance is to make sure that their safe driving is paying off by requesting a safe driver discount after they’ve been driving for one year or more because, they’ve proven that they can drive safely on the roads of Central Oregon and can be trusted.

Good Student Discount

After getting your teenage driver a safe driving discount the next step is to get them a good student discount; this can be done as well by calling your car insurance company and asking them for the discount after supplying your car insurance company with proof of your child’s good grades.

Mileage Discount

You can also obtain discounts for your teenage driver by calling your Central Oregon Car Insurance company and making sure that they are aware of how many miles your teen drives per year and also informing them that your teenager currently lives at home as well too because, your teenage driver will also get a car insurance discount if they are parking their vehicle in a garage or well-lit area.

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