valet parking

Does Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Cover Valet Parking?

valet parking

Yikes! Is the word that many people utter who thought that they had adequate Central Oregon Car Insurance, only to realize that they didn’t have enough car insurance, when they hand their keys over to a valet parking attendant and their vehicle was involved in a car accident.

Are You Covered?

Before handing you decide to hand the keys to your vehicle over to a valet parking attendant make sure that your Central Oregon Car Insurance will cover you in case your vehicle is involved in an accident while being driven by a valet parking attendant.

Thanks to a recent report from we know that close to 300 insurance companies around the world don’t cover valet parking so what should you do if your car is involved in a  car accident while in the care of a valet?

  • Report the damage to your car insurance company immediately
  • Take pictures and video of the damage
  • File a police report if the damage is more than just a scratch or knick

Time to Change Car Insurance Companies?

If you’re not satisfied with your Central Oregon Car Insurance and want to make sure that you have sufficient car insurance for the next time that you drive to a hotel or airport and hand your keys over to a valet, here’s what you need to look for in an Central Oregon Car Insurance company.

  • Get a face-to-face quote – Search for a local car insurance company in Bend or anywhere else in Oregon that will give you an actual rate quote in person instead of over the phone.
  • Ask for discounts – You deserve to pay the most affordable car insurance premium possible so don’t hesitate to ask for safe driver, good student, multi-car and any other discount that your car insurance company might offer.

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