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Central Oregon Car Insurance – Things To Do Before Driving during the winter

BEND, Ore. – Winter is still less than one month away but if you live in Bend, Prineville, Sunriver or elsewhere in Central Oregon we can have snow and winter conditions as early as November. In today’s issue of Central Oregon Car Insurance tips we will provide you with information you can use for staying safe on the roads this winter.

Tip #1 – Don’t Drive On Closed Roads

One of the best ways to save money on Central Oregon Car insurance this winter is to not drive on closed roads because, if you get into a car accident while driving on a closed road your car insurance company can say that you are guilty of “contributory negligence” so it’s best to check the weather and road conditions online before driving during the winter.

Tip #2 – Winterize Your Vehicle

Before leaving your home during the winter you should always make sure that your vehicle has a set of snow chains, snow scraper and essential emergency materials that you can use if you’re caught in a sudden snow storm like a snow jacket, blanket, flash light, water, flares and some food.

Before winter arrives you should also verify that your vehicle has the following:

  • Spare tire (in good condition), along with a tire jack and tire iron, because without them or someone else to help you, the spare tire is useless. Here’s how to change a tire, in case you need a refresher. Also, if your wheels require a special security key, make sure that’s always in your car too.

  • Tire inflator and sealer, like the Fix-a-Flat, which can plug a leak (and help you avoid using the above tools) just enough to get you to the auto shop.

  • Jumper cables, because dead batteries happen to the best of us. We’ve got a crash course on how to jump-start a car, but you should familiarize yourself with your engine just in case things are a little different. Alternatively, you can pack an emergency battery booster so you don’t have to rely on a Good Samaritan coming along.

  • Your car’s manual, which should be in the glove compartment already.

  • Tire pressure gauge: As our sister site Jalopnik points out: “checking tire pressure on a regular basis can improve handling, increase fuel economy, promote tire longevity, and even save lives.”

  • Duct tape and WD-40. Seriously, check out these 10 heroic duct tape car repairs.

  • Car repair information. A business card for your auto repair shop, the number for AAA (if you’re a member), and car insurance claim forms should also be stored in your glove compartment.

#3 – Confirm How Much Car Insurance You Actually Have

Last of all, but most important, before the first day of winter arrives on December 21st, 2016 you should also confirm how much Central Oregon Car Insurance you actually have because winter time is one of the most dangerous times of year for driving in Central Oregon since we have more accidents due to snow and ice on the roads.

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