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    How To Winterize Your Vehicle

    All drivers who have Central Oregon car insurance know one thing, as we get further into September, we have about one month left until the weather will start to change and before we know if, real winter weather will start to hit Central Oregon. If you’re enjoying the remaining days of summer weather in Central Oregon but haven’t started planning to winterize your vehicle yet, here is an easy checklist to follow which will help to insure that your car or truck is ready for winter. Tires You should invest in a pair of studded tires right now because; in a few months they will be more expensive. Studded tired…

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    Central Oregon Car Insurance Tips – How to Make A Winter Survival Kit

    What are you carrying in your car? If you have Central Oregon Car Insurance, and you’re a long time resident of this part of Oregon, you most likely will a sufficient winter survival kit, but for those new Central Oregon Residents the concept of a winter survival kit might be a new idea, especially if they’ve moved from a bigger city where the idea of driving more than 30 minutes from one destination or another might not be a big deal during the winter.