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Car Maintenance Tips : How to Tune Up a Car Engine

Tuning up a car engine can involve inspecting the automatic transmission fluid, the brakes, the brake pads, the drive belts, the evaporative emission system, the fuel tank, the fuel filter, the fuel lines and many other components. Compose a checklist of parts to check during a tune-up with tips from an auto repair shop manager in this free video on car maintenance.

You can find all of the parts that you need for a tune up at your local auto parts store like Auto Zone, Napa or even most Walmart’s throughout the State of Oregon.

Keep in mind that not all auto parts stores charge the same prices for parts so it’s important to shop around, especially if you live in cities like Bend Oregon where there are not as many choices for auto parts as there may be in other parts of Oregon.

Before starting your tune up, you should also make sure that you purchase a Chilton’s manual for your vehicle just so you are fully aware of your vehicles engine and don’t get stuck doing the tune up along the way.

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