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Car Insurance Tips For Oregon Residents Who Plan On Taking Road Trips

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Oregon – With summer officially here in Oregon most Oregon Residents are planning on taking road trips, especially since parents have children out of school and are looking to make good use of those summer months off before their children head onto the next phases of their lives but, what many Oregonians don’t think about is if their car insurance will continue to cover them even if they travel out of state.

Know Your Car Insurance Policy

It’s easy for the average Oregon driver to choose liability only, or the minimum amount of car insurance possible, but, when they travel to another state like California, where the minimum car insurance requirements are different than those in Oregon, their car insurance coverage won’t cover them when traveling out of state.

Before traveling out of state every resident of Bend Oregon or anywhere else across Oregon should make sure that their car insurance policy doesn’t have any exclusions or clauses that may leave them without car insurance especially if they are involved in a car accident.

Who Will Be Driving The Car?

One common mistake that drivers across the United States make is not making sure that other drivers will be insured to drive their vehicles, and it’s easy to let other drivers take over the driving privileges when on a road trip, but the reality is that when an accident occurs, it doesn’t matter if a friend was driving or not, as long as the driver behind the wheel is uninsured, the owner of the vehicle will be held liable for their vehicles role in the car accident.

To avoid this from happening any Bend Oregon driver or Oregon resident who plans on taking their vehicle on a road trip can add friends or family members to their insurance policies to make sure that they are 100% covered while on a road trip, even if they are not behind the wheel during an accident.

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