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Car Insurance Questions – Do You Need A Title To Get Car Insurance?

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One of the most common car insurance questions is “do I have to have a title to get car insurance for a vehicle?”

The answer to this questions is no; you don’t need to show the title, for a vehicle, in order to get car insurance for it.

This is especially true for vehicle owners who have financed their vehicles since the titles for their cars or trucks are usually in the hands of their leasing companies until they pay off their vehicles.

Insurable Interest

In order to obtain insurance for a vehicle, the owner or driver is required to show that they have an “insurable interest” in the car or truck, which is requiring them to obtain car insurance in order for them to drive legally on the roads of Oregon or the state that they live.

What does insurable interest mean?

This simple term means that the driver of the vehicle will suffer some economic loss if the vehicle they are driving and it’s damaged in some way.

Someone who has an insurable interest in the vehicle they are leasing is basically a co-signer on the vehicle since the leasing company is the primary owner.

What’s required to Show Insurable Interest?

To show that they have an insurable interest in the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle must show proof that they purchased the vehicle including a title or even a bill of sale.

Thanks to the internet it’s easier than ever before for any driver to find affordable car insurance simply by doing an online search or by contacting their Oregon insurance agent.

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