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Car Insurance News – Proposition 33 Promises More Affordable Car Insurance For California Consumers


In case you missed it, there’s an election just a few days away and car insurance is once again a major election issue across the United States, including in California, where Proposition 33, a proposition that has the support of consumer groups across the state, is gaining widespread favor among California voters because, the proposition will encourage more competition among all auto insurance carriers within the Golden State.

Proposition 33 Details

One of the best things about Proposition 33 is that it will enable California residents to keep any discount that they receive from their insurer, for maintaining continuous auto insurance coverage. By being allowed to keep their car insurance discount, consumers in California will be able to take that discount and shop around; this will also mean that insurance companies will have to compete harder than ever before to earn a consumers business.

Which Groups Support Prop 33?

Besides having huge appeal among voters, Proposition 33 is supported by law enforcement, veterans, firefighters, Republicans, Democrats and also local chamber of commerce organizations across California.

Hopefully with the passage of Proposition 33, similar propositions will be passed in Oregon and across the United States since this proposition will also give consumers more choices, protect our nations military if their policies lapse while they are on active duty and help to lead more consumers towards getting insurance in California.

More Than One Way To Get Affordable

Until similar propositions pass across the United States consumers in Central Oregon and other state s can lower their car insurance premiums by following these simple tips:

  • Park inside at night – Any consumer can easily lower their car insurance premium by simply parking their vehicle inside a garage or parking structure at night instead of out on the street.
  • Bundle – Over the last few years more insurance companies have been offering bundle rates for consumers who combine their car insurance with other policies, any consumer who asks for a special bundle rate can save themselves hundreds per year.

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