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Car Insurance News – Michigan Is One Of The 10 Most Expensive States To Insure A Vehicle

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Better think about car insurance costs before moving to Michigan.

In Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder once again called on lawmakers to reform the states no-fault insurance law and this set off a “firestorm” of debate regarding how much car insurance Michigan residents should have compared to the rest of the nation.

Expensive State To Drive

According to recent statistics, Michigan is in the top 10 of the most expensive states to insure a vehicle.

The high cost of auto insurance in Michigan is due to things like inaccurate tracking of auto claims and rising medical costs.

Recent reports show that the average car insurance claim in Michigan cost almost $50,000 and the second highest claim in the state was up to $20,000.

The most expensive cities to insure vehicles in Michigan in are Detroit, which is the sixth most expensive city and Muskegon, which is the ninth most expensive city in Michigan to insure a vehicle.

Thankful For Low Insurance Premiums

In Oregon, the average car insurance premium and cost after a car accident are significantly lower than states like Michigan, that’s thanks in large part to the safety of Oregon drivers and overall low insurance costs across the state.

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