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Car Insurance Myths Explained

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If you have Central Oregon Car Insurance like most drivers who live in Central Oregon you most likely will have heard about car insurance myths like: owners of red vehicles pay more for car insurance than others who have vehicles that are different colors.

This myth is false of course because, car insurance premiums are based on your age, driving record, vehicle and other personal details like your credit rating.

In today’s post were going to cover the most basic car insurance myths to help separate fact from fiction when it comes to car insurance.

Full Coverage Will Protect You

Yes full coverage might insure that your vehicle gets fixed if you get into a car accident but if you’re hospitalized and not able to work for a prolonged period of time you could find yourself having to pay thousands of dollars to cover your medical bills because your car insurance premium will only cover your medical expenses up to a certain amount.

The solution to finding out how much car insurance coverage you really have is to ask your car insurance company because, your policy might be without uninsured motorist or another form of coverage and it’s better to find out now the car insurance that you actually have rather than to find out later after you’ve been in a car accident.

My Car Insurance Will Go Up If I get A Speeding Ticket

This isn’t always true especially if you’ve never had a ticket before because, you can go to traffic school and upon completion it will be as if you’ve never had a traffic ticket at all.

Car Thieves Want Fancy Or Expensive Cars

One common myth in the car insurance world is that car thieves are only looking for fancy and expensive cars, this isn’t always the case because, a car thief’s chief motivation is to find a vehicle that they can quickly sell and one of the most common vehicles that’s stolen by car thieves is the 1996 Honda Accord.

The Longer You Stay With Your Car Insurance Company the Better

Sadly most people stay with their car insurance companies out of loyalty and this doesn’t always mean that your car insurance premium won’t go up because, the insurer will ultimately have costs that they have to pass down to the consumer so it’s better to search for new car insurance quotes at least every couple of years to insure that you’re paying the lowest premiums.

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