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Car Insurance Is Great But, Is Your Central Oregon Business Fully Insured?

Just about every Central Oregon business owner has Oregon car insurance because, they wouldn’t want to drive illegally on the roads of Oregon and risk jeopardizing their life, the lives of their employees or their business. When it comes to business insurance, the average business owner in Central Oregon is sadly lacking, and it’s typically because, they don’t know which forms of business insurance they really need.

The Essential Forms Of Business Insurance

Casualty & Property Insurance – These forms of business insurance will cover the businesses location, even if it’s being leased or rented and all of the contents inside the business location will be protected from Acts of God like natural disasters, arson or theft. Casualty Insurance is typically bundled together with Property Insurance and it also protects all items on premise from damages.

Liability Insurance – This form of insurance will protect the Central Oregon business owner from potential lawsuits due to possible negligence that caused a customer or client to slip and fall on the business owner’s property.

Health Insurance – The most essential form of insurance that business owners across Oregon should have is health insurance and within the next few years it’s going to become necessary for all business owners in Oregon to cover their fulltime employees thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act.

Life Insurance – Every company should offer their employees life insurance, especially if the business is in a more hazardous industry like logging because, this form of insurance protection will give families peace of mind in knowing that loved ones will be protected financially should the primary or secondary income earner in the family pass away due to an on the job accident.

Don’t Waste Time Staying Uninsured

Oregon car insurance isn’t enough these days; every Central Oregon business owner owes it to themselves to have the best insurance to protect their business. To learn more about what insurance your business needs, contact the Tye Farnsworth Allstate Insurance Agency today at (541) 318-8835 or click here for a free, online insurance quote.

My name is Tye Farnsworth, thank you for reading this bio! I was born and raised in Central Oregon. For an affordable insurance quote please contact me at (541) 318-8835 or connect with me online.