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What Should Your Car Insurance Include?

In today’s insurance marketplace we have many choices for car insurance including comprehensive, uninsured motorist, collision and personal injury but the BIG question is what should our car insurance include especially if we drive an older vehicle and don’t need a lot of car insurance?


This form of car insurance will cover any repairs that will need to be made to a driver’s vehicle after they get into an accident; before the car insurance company pays, the driver must pay a deductible that in many cases can cost up to $3,000 dollars or more (depending on insurance company and vehicle).


With comprehensive insurance, the insurance company will pay any damage to the driver’s vehicle that is the result of an auto accident, which did not result in a crash. Comprehensive insurance is especially important for those drivers who own newer vehicles, and many leasing companies will not let someone take possession of a new vehicle until they’ve obtained full coverage insurance that included comprehensive coverage.

Uninsured Motorist

Every driver should have this form of insurance protection on their insurance policy because, uninsured motorist insurance will protect their vehicle if they get into an uninsured motorist and the insurance will pay the insured driver up to $3,500 in damages to their vehicle.

Personal Injury

Last of all, but most important is personal injury protection, with this form of insurance the insurance company will pay the driver for their medical expenses or wages that are lost as a result of their automobile accident. This coverage also extends to other passengers, who may have been riding in the vehicle if they sustained injuries that were the result of the car accident.

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car insurance
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