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Should You Let Your Car Insurance Company Spy On You?

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Should I let my car insurance company “spy” on me? This is a question that many people who are interested in paying the lowest Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums have been asking over recent months as usage based car insurance has become more popular across the United States.

How Does Usage Based Car Insurance Work?

Usage based car insurance can lower a Central Oregon Car Insurance premium because, the driver only pays for the miles that they drive each year, but, if someone wants to qualify for this type of car insurance they will have to own a newer vehicle that has an onboard diagnostic port for them to plug in a small device that tracks their mileage.

What Is The Potential Savings?

Drivers in this area who want to save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance can expect to save an average of 10% when they sign up and then up to 30% once their car insurance policy renews since it takes time for the car insurance company to calculate the usage statistics per driver.

Should You Be Concerned?

Although it’s a great idea for people who want to save money on their Central Oregon Car Insurance, usage based car insurance is also causing some privacy groups and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to be concerned about how the data from a drivers pay-as-you-go car insurance program could be used against them.

Even though usage based car insurance programs will effectively track how many miles a driver puts on their vehicle per year they can also track how hard a driver brakes, hours of the day or night that they drive and more so it’s important for any driver to weigh the positives and potential negatives of a program before they sign up for it.

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