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Car Insurance, Coffee Or iPhone? Which One Is More Expensive Over A Lifetime?

According to recent studies by the U.S. Census Bureau the average person who graduates from college can expect to earn up to $2 million dollars in their lifetime, but the sad reality is that by age 65 many college graduates are broke due to a lifetime of bad decision.

Many of the things that we have to spend money on are necessary, just like Central Oregon Car Insurance but others are more expensive and will lead to the average person or college graduate to be broke by the time they reach their 60’s.

The Cost Of Having Children

Starting a family is something that many people look forward to but what a typical new parent doesn’t think about is that by age seventeen they will have spent up to $235,000 on raising their chid, and that cost will rise even more if they hope to one day send their child to college.

We Love Our Smart Phones Right?

Smart Phones like the Apple iPhone 5 are awesome but the reality that comes with owning a smart phone is that if our children decides to own a smart phone from the age of 21 to the age of 75, they will have spend over $70,000 from compulsively upgrading their phones, buying accessories and using data.

Coffee, Mmmm, Coffee!

Coffee is almost universally loved around the world and that passion for coffee has led to the growth of coffee chains like Starbucks over the last 30 years but, the average delicious cup of coffee Starbucks brand or gourmet coffee can cost up to $4, and if someone decides to buy coffee every day, for 50 years or more, they can expect to spend over $80,000 during their lifetime.

Car Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Central Oregon car insurance is a necessary part of life for drivers in this area because, the average driver would rather drive legally then risk the high expense of getting caught in an accident or pulled over without car insurance.

Many people think that car insurance can be expensive during the course of a lifetime but the reality is that car insurance can be less expensive if a driver follows these steps:

  • Drivers who have older vehicles should opt for liability only coverage, instead of full coverage car insurance, this simple move can save hundreds per year.
  • Any driver who has more than one policy with the same insurance company should ask for a bundled rate; this step will help the driver to keep all of their policies under one roof and save a driver a lot of than they expected.
  • Loyalty does mean a lot in this day and age but it doesn’t always pay off when a driver stays with the same Bend Oregon car insurance company for more than one year because they might be overpaying and not know it. The easy thing for any Oregon driver to do is always shop around at least once per year just to make sure that they are not overpaying.

To learn more great tips about saving money on a car insurance policy all year long as well as save money in other areas of life, contact Tye Farnsworth at the Farnsworth Insurance Agency today at (541) 318-8835.

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