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Car Insurance Claim Mistakes That Can Get Your Claim Rejected

You may pay your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium every month or year but, did you know that there are certain clam mistakes that you can make which could get your claim rejected? In this article, we will cover what those claim mistakes are in case you need to file a car insurance claim in the near future.

Car Insurance Claim Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

  • The policyholder admits guilt before the authorities finish solving the case. A driver admitting fault before authorities finish the investigation is a capital mistake. It is even worse when admitting in front of the other driver and police officers. Drivers should let the experts decide who is guilty. Some drivers may think they are guilty, but in fact, the other driver was speeding, or crossed the wrong lane or took a wrong turn. Criminalists will be the ones to analyze the circumstances of the accident. Admitting guilt will make the other driver file a claim and invalidate any further counterarguments. Furthermore, the insurance company will no longer be able to provide solid legal defense.

  • Not taking photos after an accident. Photos are solid evidence for future claims. Take clear photos of the car involved, weather, street conditions and areas around the accident scene. Criminalists will analyze the photos and determine the speed and direction of a car. Other elements may help them establish guilt. For example, the lack of tire marks on the road suggests that a driver didn’t try to brake.

  • Calling the police very late. Even if the accident seems minor, drivers should always call the police. If they plan to make a claim, the insurer will ask for a police report. Without it, the claim is likely to be denied. Plus, if the other party decides to make a claim, the policyholder may be exposed to further legal penalties and financial losses.

  • Not gathering sufficient info about road conditions and circumstances of the accident. It is extremely important to gather as much evidence as possible. Get eyewitness accounts, police reports, look for surveillance cameras nearby and ask for video records. When disputing a claim, bring medical bills and car repair receipts.

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