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Car Insurance 2020 – Top Tips That Will Help Drivers Save Money

Owning and operating a vehicle can be quite expensive. Given the current situation of the economy, it’s well worth the time and effort to try to reduce these costs as much as possible. One area where drivers should look is car insurance. There are several things drivers can do both today and over time that will lower their car insurance premiums.

To save money on car insurance, drivers can do the following:

  •  Drive safely. Avoiding accidents and driving more carefully are among the best ways to keep the costs of insurance at a minimum. Drivers who already have moving violations should avoid adding more to their records. The good news is that in most states moving violations are dropped from the driving record after three years.
  •  Buy a car that is cheap to insure. Drivers who are looking to get a new car should avoid excessively expensive or sporty cars. Instead, drivers should pick a cheap car that has plenty of safety features. Safety gear such as a security system, passenger and rear seat airbags, and anti-lock brakes can lower the costs of insurance.
  •  Complete a defensive driving course. Some providers will offer a discount to policyholders who complete a defensive driving course. However, drivers should check if the cost of the course doesn’t wipe out any savings that will get from the reduced insurance rates.
  •  Get a behavior-based driving discount. Many insurance providers are offering discounts to drivers with clean driving histories. Also, these drivers can save even more by allowing their insurers to use a telematics device to track their driving behavior.
  •  Shop around. Many policyholders stay with the same insurers for years, without checking the insurance market. By doing so, policyholders risk having their rates slowly raised over the years by their insurers. To avoid that, drivers should compare quotes at least once per year. To attract customers, some insurers cut their prices and offer attractive discounts for new customers.
  •  Move to a place closer to work. Drivers who have a short commute will pay less on their insurance. These types of drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents because they spend less time on the road. Also, some companies are offering customized policies where drivers can pay insurance only for the miles driven.
  •  Improve the credit score. Insurance companies can take the credit score into account when pricing car insurance policies. However, a better credit score is likely to result in at least a slight improvement in the premiums the next time drivers shop for car insurance.
  •  Raise the deductible. Drivers who have a good driving record can save some money by simply raising the deductible. However, if they get involved in a car accident, they will have to pay out more money out of their pockets before the insurance kicks in.

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