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Car Body Maintenance Tips Made Easy – 5 Simple Tips You Need To Know

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Wash Your Car Or Truck Regularly – If you spend any amount of time on the highways of the state, or drive across the country, you will see many dirty cars and trucks.

Most vehicles on the road today are beyond dirty and haven’t been washed in a very long time.

If you want to keep your vehicle looking great, even if it’s over 10 years old you should wash it at least once a week.

Why should you wash it once a week?

Every vehicle, if driven daily, takes a beating from the elements like rain, snow, dirt, dust, oil, bugs, bird droppings and so much more, all of these elements can ruin the paint and body of your vehicle if they are not cleaned off within a short period of time.

It’s not hard to wash your vehicle once a week.

All it takes is a garden hose, bucket, shammy cloth and bottle of car wash fluid or you could take your car to a coin operated car wash and for a couple of bucks use their high pressure spray to wash your car in just a few minutes time; this is one of the easiest car body maintenance tips for anyone to follow.

Wax your vehicle at least once per month – If you own an older vehicle that didn’t have the benefit of a clear coat when it was brand new you should consider waxing it at least once per week to prolong the life of your paint job and keep it looking new.

It’s not hard to wax your vehicle yourself and the whole process can be completed in just a matter of minutes.

Even if you own a vehicle that was clear coated when brand new you should consider waxing it at least every 90 days because this will help to remove road oils, tar, bugs and other junk that doesn’t always come off when you wash it.

Periodic waxing of your vehicle is one of the most important car body maintenance tips because; it will keep your paint looking new, even years after you bought it.

Quickly repair nicks, dings and chips – This is an important step to consider because nicks, dings, chips and other problem areas on the paint and body of your vehicle can quickly get out of hand and become a larger problem area.

You should consider buying a small bottle of touch up paint that matches the color of your vehicle and use it any time you see nicks or other smaller imperfections in the paint job of your vehicle; anyone who is seriously interested in the best car maintenance tips will invest in touch up paint because, they know that a small chip or crack can easily become a big problem, very quickly.

Most brands of touch up paintwork great and after you wax your vehicle it’s hard to tell that you ever covered up touch up paint to cover anything up.

Undercoating or rust proof your vehicle – Many people who live in areas along the Oregon Coast should consider getting their vehicle rust proofed because, salt water has been proven to corrode a vehicles body very quickly This will help prolong the life of any coastal vehicle and keep it looking great all year round.

Treat your car every once and while to a day at the “spa” – If there’s a reliable shop in your area that offers auto detailing you should consider getting your vehicle detailed every couple of months or as often as you can afford it. Why is this important? Many professional detailers are trained to spot problems or imperfections in a vehicles paint job and they have the best tools to correct them. A good day at the “spa” every once in a while will keep your vehicle looking great and keep you happy to drive it every single day.

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