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Buying a used vehicle? Follow these tips to save time and money

Are you planning on buying a used vehicle in Central Oregon or elsewhere in the United States?

There’s no doubt that you can find some great deals on used cars or trucks in lots across towns like Bend, Redmond, Prineville and the surrounding area but you may spend more time and money than you thought if you don’t following these tips.

Title And Registration

Under Oregon law, any Oregon used card dealership can charge more than $75 for processing the vehicles title, registration and paperwork. Almost every dealer will offer to handle all of the paperwork for you like: the registration and title for the new owner of the used vehicle, but, that owner does have the option of going to the DMV and taking care of all the paperwork themselves.

If the dealer scrapes the tags off the vehicle after it’s sold they must sell a temporary permit that typically costs $15 and gives the new owner of the used vehicle 10 days to get to the DMV to take care of all the vehicles paperwork and get car insurance.

What Happens When Title Isn’t Received?

If an Oregon driver doesn’t receive their vehicles title within 25 days and they know that the Central Oregon used car dealer did receive fees for the title and paperwork, the vehicles new owner can submit a dealer complaint with their local Oregon DMV office. The same type of complaint can also be filed if the owner of the used vehicle doesn’t receive their vehicles license plate and stickers from the DMV within at least 45 days after they purchase the used car.

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