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Black Friday 2012 – How To Avoid Car Accidents

Black Friday 2012 is right around the corner and if you’re a fan of watching online video, you know that this big shopping day can also bring accidents and injuries plus damages to shopper’s cars.

Recent car insurance statistics by Progressive show that car insurance claims increase by almost 40 percent when Black Friday arrives, compared to the week after or even two weeks after Black Friday.

Rear End Accidents Increase

The car insurance statistics also showed that rear-end accidents also increased by almost 13 percent on Black Friday as well and total accidents where one vehicle backed into another also rose by almost eight percent as well on this day.

Common Reasons For Car Accidents

The key to success with avoiding car accidents on Black Friday and also getting great shopping deals is to plan for the best shopping day well in advance by checking out the major retailer websites to learn more about their Black Friday Deals as well as checking local newspapers to learn more about where the best deals can be found plus cut out special coupons as well to save money on this shopping day.

The key To Success On Black Friday – Leave Early

Once a shopper knows where all of the best shopping deals are going to be on Black Friday they should plan on leaving at least one hour in advance before their store of choice opens just so they can avoid the last minute rush and potential fender benders with any vehicles entering or exiting the parking lot.

It’s also important to try and park on the street, instead in the parking lot on Black Friday, this will enable serious shoppers to easily leave their favorite stores on this shopping day and quickly drive to their next destination without getting stuck in traffic behind other shoppers.

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