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Three BIG Misperceptions about Central Oregon Car Insurance

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By The Farnsworth Agency

As long time insurance agents who specializes in Central Oregon Car Insurance we’ve seen many misperceptions about car insurance that the big insurance agencies or websites will write about.

In this post we will cover what those big misperceptions are and what you can do to save money off your Central Oregon Car Insurance bill.

#1 – A Speeding Ticket Means You Will Pay a Higher Car Insurance Premium

Thanks to recent insurance statistics from we know that under 20 percent of drivers in the United States who received a speeding ticket during the last five years actually saw an increase in their car insurance premiums.

#2 – Your Insurance Premium Will Go Down After Age 30

Although it would be great if your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium would go down once you reach age 30 the reality is that car insurance premiums typically go up for drivers, up to 49 years of age, if they have moving violations but they are less likely to rise once you reach age 50 or older.

#3 – The Color of Your Vehicle Affects Your Car Insurance Premium

One of the biggest car insurance myths over the years is that the color of your vehicle affects your car insurance premium.

This myth is false because your car insurance premium is based on criteria like age, job, miles you drive per year and of course how many accidents or convictions you may have had over the last 12 to 24 months.

#4 – Car Thieves Steal Newer Cars

You might think that your 2000 Dodge Caravan might be less likely to be stolen by a car thief but the reality is that older vehicles are more likely to be stolen than newer vehicles since older vehicles can be stripped of parts and those parts can also be sold online or offline.

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