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Bend Oregon News

bend oregon news
Bend Oregon is the place to be for innovation, business growth, positive change and a healthy environment that’s great for raising children.

Thinking about moving to Bend Oregon? You’re not alone. Bend is one of Central Oregon’s most progressive cities and it’s been growing at a rapid pace for the last year thanks to the rebounding housing and job markets.

New Mayor For Bend Oregon

Another thing that Bend Oregon Residents can be thankful for is the election of a new city mayor, Jim Clinton on January 6th 2013. Mayor Clinton’s top goal is to reform the city’s aging water infrastructure and re-launch a $70 million dollar project that will bring more water to the area and make conditions even better for development.

More Companies Expanding In Bend

One clear sign that Bend Oregon’s economy is rapidly growing is all of the company expansions that are occurring in the area; two companies that have been expanding at rapid growth rates are Northwest Crossing and Ruffwear; both companies employ over 30 people each and they are looking to a future that will enable them to hire more employees and further entrench themselves into the Bend Oregon Economy.

A Mecca For Virtual Employees

Over the last two years, Bend has quietly been a favorite destination for virtual employees from all over the country to relocate to but now the secret is out and more employees, who are fortunate enough to work remotely, including home based business owners are brining their jobs and businesses to Bend Oregon.

Instead of choosing traditional “brick and mortar” spaces to launch their businesses, the new crop of virtual employees /business owners are choosing to work in one of Bend’s many “tech spaces” where they can connect with other virtual employees / home based business owners and grow their businesses locally and internationally.

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