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A Beginners Guide to Buying Central Oregon Car Insurance

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If you’ve been thinking About Buying Car Insurance Follow These Tips!

By Tye Farnsworth

Central Oregon Car Insurance has been labeled an “anomaly” by many people over the years because, it’s something that everyone needs to have and many times the average driver may go years without having to use their car insurance but once they need it the long term investment will pay off.

In today’s post I will break down a “beginners guide” to buying Central Oregon Car Insurance so that any driver in Bend, Redmond, Prineville or across Oregon will be able to get the car insurance they deserve.

Step 1 – How Much Car Insurance Do You Really Need?

Your car insurance rate will be factored by several things including: the age of your vehicle and requirements you may have from your lender if you took out a loan to buy the vehicle.

If you drive an older vehicle you should consider choosing a liability only policy because, your insurer will only pay you for what your vehicle is worth if it’s totaled in an accident.

Although it might be tempting to choose liability only car insurance with an older vehicle keep in mind that you should also factor in your financial assets, and what you can’t afford to lose financially, because, the most basic form of car insurance will only cover you up to a certain amount if you’re in a car accident.

Step 2 – Understanding Deductibles

During the process of choosing a car insurance deductible your goal should be to choose a payment that you can afford.

When it comes to deductibles keep in mind that although it may be tempting to choose a higher deductible because you will have a low monthly payment this isn’t always the best option because, you have to come up with the money needed for the deductible before your Central Oregon Car Insurance kicks in.

For best results choose a deductible you can really afford so you can avoid the hassle and heartache of getting into a car accident and not being able to afford paying your car insurance deductible.

Step 3 – Use Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Discounts

Last of all, but most important, when choosing Central Oregon Car Insurance make sure you ask for and use your car insurance discounts because, they can save you as much as $500 or more per year off your car insurance premium.

Some deductibles you should ask for include:

  • Safe Driver
  • Good Student
  • Bundle Discount – Good for if you have multiple insurance policies with the same company.

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