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Would Banning Cars In Cities Save You Money On Central Oregon Car Insurance?

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Major German City Plans To Ban Automobiles By 2034, Will USA Follow Suit?

Over the last 30 years communities across Central Oregon have been debating the best ways to save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance but is banning automobiles from major cities like Bend, Prineville or Redmond the best way to lower car insurance premiums?

One German City Thinks Banning Automobiles Is the Way to Go

In Hamburg Germany they’ve been talking about banning automobiles by 2034 thanks to their Green Network Plan and the hope is that keeping personal automobiles out of the city center will low pollution, make the city greener, and friendlier for pedestrians and cyclists, but will this also lower car insurance premiums as well?

Consequences across the Board

Yes, banning automobiles from the city center in Hamburg will dramatically cut car insurance premiums because, if there aren’t any vehicles to drive, of course premiums will go down because, without cars or trucks on the roads there won’t be any threat of accidents or injuries due to automobiles but could the same idea be used in Oregon to lower Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums too?

On The Horizon? Not Likely…

It’s unlikely that we will see cities like Bend or Sunriver ban vehicles from the centers of these cities since the growth of our economy is tied to how easily goods can be transported to and from the centers of our major cities, plus commerce would ultimately be affected too, because, many people would choose not to go to a city like Madras if they banned vehicles from the center of the city but then again if Hamburg Germany’s plan goes through in 2034 the face of major Central Oregon Cities could look a lot different than today.

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