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Bald Is Not Beautiful When It Comes To Tires

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Got a bald tire? You may want to think twice before driving this winter.

Baldness is something that both men and women may struggle with throughout their lives and nobody likes the prospect of dealing with it.

When baldness occurs the average man or woman typically invests in products to re-grow their hair but the sad reality is that when the tires on our vehicles go bald, we many times will let them go totally bald, and this is a disaster waiting to happen.

The Real Statistics About Baldness

According to a recent study done by the Rubber Manufacturers Association, up to 13 percent of drivers across the United States are driving a vehicle that has one of more bald tires.

The RMA study, which was done just three years ago is shocking but it’s also a wake up call, especially to Central Oregon drivers because, there’s nothing worse than driving with a bald tire, especially during the winter when snow and ice are on the roads of towns like Bend, Prineville, Madras and Prineville.

How Much Tire Tread Is Enough?

Tire tread is a necessary thing for drivers who live in Central Oregon, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association report, the average driver should have at least a 4 3/2 inches worth of depth in their tire tread.

A good way for drivers to measure how much tread their tires have is by placing a quarter in the tread of their tires, if the head of George Washington is level with the tread of each tire this means that their tires have enough tread.

If Washington’s head stands above the tire tread, this means that it’s time for the owner of the vehicle to consider buying a new tire.

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