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How to Avoid Car Insurance Scammers

car insurance scams

Are you planning on getting Central Oregon Car Insurance for your new vehicle soon? If so, watch out for “ghost brokering websites”; these websites are the latest thing that scammers are using to get money from unsuspecting consumers who think that they are getting a great car insurance premium.

Using 21st Century Technology

Scammers in London England have been using 21st Century lately to scam unsuspecting consumers to think that real companies are offering excellent car insurance premiums on ghost brokering websites.

One of the most common technologies used in the ghost brokering fraud is the iPod; a scammer will download a call center app to their iPod (an app that sounds like a busy call center when it’s played over a speaker system) so that when someone calls they will think that they are calling a busy insurance office when only one person (the scammer), is answering the phone.

How to Avoid Being Scammed

If you’re planning on buying Central Oregon Car Insurance don’t just choose any company that you find online, make sure you follow these simple steps to insure that you’ve chosen a reputable car insurance company in Oregon.

  • Online Reputation – The insurance company that you choose should be easy to find online and have a good online reputation on more than one website.
  • BBB Verified – What’s even better than choosing a company with a good reputation is choosing a company that’s been verified with the Better Business Bureau. BBB Verification is something that can give any consumer confidence since the BBB goes through a stringent process to insure that a company offers a legitimate service.
  • Contact Information – Before choosing a Central Oregon Car Insurance company, make sure that the company has reliable contact information and they answer the phone when you call or respond to your email.

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