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Average Cost for Car Insurance in Oregon

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Got Central Oregon Car Insurance? Thanks to a recent report from Quote Helper we know that the average car insurance premium in Oregon is $1,387 for one year and that’s lower than the national car insurance average of $1,510.

Most Expensive State for Car Insurance

Yes Central Oregon Car Insurance is affordable especially when you compare the cost for car insurance in Oregon to Louisiana where it costs $2,699 per year for car insurance there thanks to the variety of storms and natural disasters that have hit the state in recent years.

Least Expensive State to Insure a Vehicle

Many people were surprised to learn that the least expensive state to insure a vehicle is Maine where it costs just $934 per year for car insurance.

If you’re paying more than $1,387 per year or $115 per month for your Central Oregon Car Insurance here are some simple things that you can do to lower your car insurance premium:

  • Bundle Premiums – Like most people you may have other insurance premiums like life insurance or homeowners insurance, with other insurance companies. You can save hundreds per year in Central Oregon Car Insurance costs simply by bundling all of your premiums with one carrier.
  • Ask For Discounts – Don’t be afraid to ask your insurance agent for discounts if you are a good driver, senior or good student because, those discounts can amount to hundreds of dollars in savings per year.
  • Think About Moving – If you’re planning on moving soon make sure you find an apartment or house with a garage or covered parking structure because, parking your vehicle inside a garage at night can lower your monthly car insurance costs and keep your vehicle safer as well.

Need A Car Insurance Quote? 

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