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Most Americans Clueless About Answers to Basic Car Insurance Questions

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If a friend borrows your vehicle and gets into a car accident do you know who is responsible?

Are you liable to pay any damages that are the result of that car accident or will your friends car insurance cover any costs associated with it?

The answer to these question is that any damages resulting from the car accident will go on your own insurance record regardless if you thought it would be your friend’s responsibility to have their car insurance pay for any financial damages resulting from the accident.

Most Americans Don’t Really Know Car Insurance

Millions of Americans across United States would not have known the real answer to this question either, thanks to a recent survey on, we know that 30% of Americans answered this question incorrectly and felt that it would be the responsibility of their friend’s car insurance to cover the costs resulting from the car accident and not their car insurance

Hard To Find Answers?

One of the biggest reasons why most people have no clue about basic answers to car insurance questions is that they are unable to get the answers to these types of questions quickly because most car insurance companies rely upon websites and virtual services to answer questions instead of having human interaction.

Thankfully, more companies like Allstate for example, are setting a new trend once again by creating insurance offices across United States that are staffed by human personnel and not just computers so that local residents in cities like bend or other major towns across the United States can come in during normal business hours each week to get their insurance questions answered, pay bills or deal with any insurance related business that they might be currently experiencing.

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