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Affordable Central Oregon Car Insurance And A Great Car Insurance Agent

As we move into the fall months, Central Oregon drivers are once again evaluating their car insurance rates so they can have assurance that they have the most affordable Central Oregon car insurance. Besides having the most affordable car insurance, many Central Oregon drivers are also concerned about one thing: service, they want a car insurance agent that will offer them the service and support that they deserve.

How To Find The Best Car Insurance Agent

Step 1 – Research car insurance rates online.

Step 2 – Contact the top five companies that offer local insurance agents and set appointments to meet with them personally.

Step 3 – During the meeting with each insurance agent, always trust your instincts and never sign with an agent unless you feel completely comfortable with their personal style and level of customer service.

Step 4 – Always ask for discounts like bundle discounts and make sure that your car insurance agent rewards your good driving records.

Step 5 – Make sure that they car insurance agent that you choose offers reliable service even during non-business hours just in case you have a question or need assistance with your claim. If they don’t offer service, you should at the very least have 1-800 number that you can call to get your questions answered.

Simple Ways To Saving Money On Car Insurance

Besides finding a great car insurance agent that will also offer them affordable Central Oregon car insurance, drivers in Central Oregon can also save themselves hundreds of dollars per year in car insurance premiums by doing the following:

  • Vehicle Safety – Invest in a car alarm or vehicle protection device.
  • Maintenance – Always practice sound vehicle maintenance and never let problems go unchecked.
  • Loyalty – Staying with a car insurance company for one year or longer can lower a drivers car insurance premiums.

To learn more about how to find a car insurance agent who will be right for you or to learn more about how to save money on your car insurance policy, contact the Tye Farnsworth Allstate Insurance Agency team today at (541) 318-8835 for a free consultation.

My name is Tye Farnsworth, thank you for reading this bio! I was born and raised in Central Oregon. For an affordable insurance quote please contact me at (541) 318-8835 or connect with me online.