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5 Central Oregon Car Insurance Discounts You Should Ask About

Central Oregon Car Insurance

By: Tye Farnsworth

As a driver it’s a fact of life that if you want to drive safely, you have to have Central Oregon car insurance, but sadly many people are under the misconception that they have to overpay for car insurance every month and that’s certainly not the case.

In this article will share with you the five Central Oregon car insurance discounts that you should ask about if you’re serious about saving money on car insurance and simplifying your life.

#1 – Anti-Theft Discount

Did you know that you can receive an anti-theft Central Oregon car insurance discount? Yes it’s true. Even though most vehicles today are manufactured with a stock vehicle alarm system, those alarm systems are easy to identify and penetrate, that’s why most car insurance companies will give an anti-theft discount if you have a new car alarm installed on your vehicle.

#2 – Defensive Driving Discount

This discount is especially important if you are age 55 or older because, a defensive driving discount shows that you are not only a safe driver, but you can be trusted behind the wheel, because you took the time to complete a course which will only help you improve on your driving skills.

#3 – Good Student Discount

If you are currently a student in either high school or college, you qualify for a good student discount especially if you have a 3.0 GPA, or better.

#4 – Homeowner Discount

Yes, it’s true, there is such thing as a homeowner discount. Many Central Oregon car insurance companies will offer a homeowner discount if they are able to show proof that they own the home by showing the deed, homeowners insurance or some other documentation.

#5 – Multi-Vehicle Discount

Families who own more than one vehicle should without a doubt ask for a multi-vehicle discount because, not only will the multi-vehicle discount help you lower your monthly insurance cost that you pay every single month, it will also help you to avoid paying multiple insurance premiums two separate companies.

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