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4 Surprising Things That Will Increase Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium

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By Tye Farnsworth

BEND, Ore. – You’ve been driving for a long time and may not have gotten into a car accident but, did you know that there are 4 surprising things that will increase your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium?

#1 – Your Car Insurance History

Did you know that even though you may have been driving since age 16 you can still have a higher than normal car insurance premium, even if you haven’t gotten into an accident over the years because, if you’ve lapsed in coverage and have gone months or years between having car insurance some insurers may think that this is high risk behavior and they may raise your premium accordingly.

#2 – How You Drive

Another common thing that will raise car insurance premiums is how a driver drives their vehicle because, a vehicle that’s used for a high risk job could be a sign of high risk behavior and lead to the driver paying an additional 18% per year for car insurance.

Central Oregon Car Insurance

#3 – Non-Disclosed Accidents

You may have gotten into a “minor” fender bender years ago and not thought about it when you recently signed up for a Central Oregon Car Insurance policy but failing to disclose that accident can cost you since insurers dislike when people lie on their paperwork and they may raise your premium accordingly.

#4 – Central Oregon Car Insurance Companies Care if you’re married

Are you planning on getting married soon? Don’t forget to report it to your Central Oregon Car Insurance Company because they do care if you’re married since married drivers are seen as less of a risk on the road and they often pay less for car insurance than non-married drivers do.

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