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3 Simple Ways to Lower Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium In 2014

Save Money

Yes, you can stop overpaying for car insurance by following these simple tips

By Tye Farnsworth

In 2014 one of the biggest problems with Central Oregon Car Insurance is that many drivers are overpaying on their car insurance premiums when they don’t have to but thankfully they can save money on car insurance by following these 3 simple tips.

Tip 1 – Choose Daytime Running Lights

If you plan on purchasing a new or used vehicle in the coming months make sure that your new car or truck has daytime running lights because, in a recent survey from four major car insurance companies confirmed that they offered discounts to their customers who drove vehicles with daytime running lights.

Tip 2 – Mention Your Occupation & Organization

When signing up for a new Central Oregon Car Insurance policy make sure that you mention where you went to college and which organizations you are affiliated with because, many institutions offer their members discounts that you may not be aware of.

Tip 3 – Drive Fewer Miles per Year

Even if you love driving your car or truck regularly you can save big money per year if you drive less and carpool or use public transportation more.

In the recent survey State Farm confirmed that they offer many consumers discounts for low mileage and those discounts save their customers up to 50% off their premiums each month.

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