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3 Secrets about Central Oregon Car Insurance Discounts

Save Money

By The Farnsworth Agency

Central Oregon Car Insurance is something we all need to have but the reality is that few drivers love paying their monthly premium.

If you have car insurance in Central Oregon, and are searching for ways to save money, this post will provide you with 3 secrets you might not have known about car insurance discounts so you can save money on your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium.

#1 – Yes, You Do Qualify For Discounts

Did you know that one of the most common Central Oregon Car Insurance discounts occurs after you get married?

You can save hundreds of dollars per year just by reporting your marriage to your car insurance company.

Why do car insurance companies reward married vs. single people?

They know that married drivers typically will take fewer risks behind the wheel compared to single drivers.

#2 – Your Home Address Really DOES Matter

Let’s say you bought the latest BMW but you live in what could be considered a “shady” part of town.

You will pay more for Central Oregon Car Insurance than you should because of your home address so moving to a safer part of town could save you money off your car insurance premium each month.

#3 – How Often You Drive Will Affect Your Price

Last of all, but most important, you could enjoy a nice Central Oregon Car insurance discount by driving fewer miles every year.

Try carpooling once a week to work or taking public transit and you will see your car insurance bill decrease by hundreds of dollars per year and you will ultimately save money on vehicle maintenance costs as well.

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