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3 Things to Tell Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Agent If You Want To Save Money

Save Money

By Tye Farnsworth

If you’re searching for ways to save money on your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium here are 3 things you should tell your car insurance agent.

#1 – You Just Retired

One of the most important benefits which comes from retiring is you will be driving fewer miles each year.

Make sure you tell your Central Oregon Car Insurance agent that you retired since this will help you to enjoy a lower car insurance premium each month since you will technically be an even safer driver because you will no longer have to commute each day.

#2 – You Just Got Married

Although it might seem funny, yes you can really save money on your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy after you get married.

Most people forget to let their car insurance agents know that they got married and by making a simple call to your insurance company you could be saving hundreds of dollars per year off your current premium.

#3 – You’re prepared to Pay Upfront for Central Oregon Car Insurance

Did you know that paying upfront for your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium will save you hundreds of dollars per year?

Instead of paying monthly for your premium ask your insurance agent how much money you can save each year by paying annually for your car insurance policy and the savings will surprise you.

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