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21st Century Technology Helps Drivers Save Money On Car Insurance

pay per mile car insurance
Pay-Per-Mile or usage based car insurance is becoming more common across the United States and will soon be coming to Central Oregon.

Usage based car insurance is now becoming more normal across the country and many car insurance companies are literally going the extra mile to track how many miles per day, week, month and year their customers are driving.

One company that is on the cutting edge of tracking the miles that their customer’s drive is Progressive Insurance.

Thanks to their new Snapshot device, Progressive customers can accurately track how many miles they drive per year and only pay for their car insurance based on the miles that Progressive’s Snapshot records. 

How Does Progressive Snapshot Work?

To use Progressive Snapshot all a driver has to do is plug Snapshot into the data port of their vehicle and then Snapshot will track the miles including other statistics like: how hard the driver brakes and how those miles are driven.

Although this program is voluntary, and not available nationwide yet, more Progressive customers are opting in because, it has the ability to give a typical driver more control over their car insurance costs and save them money every year.

What Kind Of Discount Do Drivers Get?

Drivers who use the Progressive Snapshot can expect to receive up to a 30 percent discount off their insurance premium if they stay active with Progressive Snapshot for at six months or longer.

Initially, most drivers will see discounts on their car insurance premium in small amounts but, those small discounts can quickly add up if a typical driver sticks with Progressive Snapshot

Should Drivers Be Concerned About “Big Brother?”

The good thing about Progressive Snapshot is that it doesn’t use any tracking features like GPS for tracking where drivers decide to go so the average driver shouldn’t be concerned about “big brother” tracking where they drive and intruding in their lives.

Will More Insurance Companies Use Similar Devices?

With the ease that consumers are using Progressive’s Snapshot program, more car insurance companies across the country are following Progressive’s lead and implementing similar programs that will help their customers to save money based on the average amount of miles that they drive per year.

With many drivers still driving vehicles that are 10 years old, or older, it may take a few more years until every driver; especially those who want affordable Central Oregon Car Insurance can actually pay for car insurance based on the miles that they actually drive per year.

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