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Most Drivers Don’t Know What Raises Their Central Oregon Car Insurance Premiums

Does your Central Oregon Insurance premium go up because of your age, vehicle type, and marital status or is it due to something else?

Thanks to a recent report by we know that close to 50% of vehicle owners in the United States believe that how much they earn determines what insurance premium they will pay.

36% percent of vehicle owners surveyed by believe that their job status does affect their insurance costs.

Although both of these factors are important to consider when insurers calculate insurance premiums the truth about insurance is that there are many more factors that come into play when insurers come up with car insurance premiums including the following.

Central Oregon Car Insurance Truth – Your Age Does Matter

If you’re under the age of 25, or over the age of 60, you can expect to pay more for car insurance than people who are over the age of 25 or under the age of 60 because, younger and older drivers have been both found to be statistically likely to get into a car accident.

Age does matter, especially for younger men because, the survey also showed that male drivers under the age of 25 will in many cases pay at least 25% more for insurance compared to their older counterparts.

Zip Codes Do Matter

You may love living in Bend versus Prineville but did you know that where you live does affect the insurance premium that you will ultimately pay?

You can lower your insurance premium if you don’t plan on moving by parking your vehicle in doors at night, under covered parking or investing in a car alarm because, all of these things will enable you to insure that your vehicle is well protected and give your insurer confidence that your vehicle won’t get stolen any time in the near future.

Jumping From One Car Insurance Company to the Other Will Affect Your Premium

Last of all, but most important, your Central Oregon insurance premium will be affected if you have changed car insurance carriers every year.

Although switching insurance carriers is popular to save money on insurance every driver should stay with one car insurance company for at least two years and focus on doing other things to save money on insurance like: maintaining a good driving record, getting good grades in school and car pooling more because, all of these factors will ultimately affect a drivers Central Oregon Insurance.

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