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Will Comprehensive Insurance Protect Personal Items In Your Vehicle?

There’s nothing worse than going out to your vehicle and finding that your car or truck has been broken into or vandalized.

This is happening more and more frequently these days, and one question that typically comes up is “will comprehensive coverage cover all items in my vehicle, if someone breaks into it?” and the answer to this question is yes.

One Easy Mistake To Make

In this day and age the average Central Oregon driver faces the temptation of driving with as little car insurance, as they possibly can, to cut their monthly costs, this is an easy mistake that any Oregon driver can make and what they don’t realize is that but cutting their insurance costs, they are also cutting their comprehensive coverage in favor of driving with liability only coverage.

To insure that all items in their vehicle will be insured, if their vehicle is vandalized, the average Central Oregon driver should review their car insurance paperwork to verify that they have comprehensive coverage auto insurance coverage because, this step will enable them to have confidence that the items in their vehicle will be protected, if their vehicle is vandalized.

What Is Comprehensive Coverage Supposed To Cover?

With some car insurance companies, comprehensive coverage insurance wont cover the items in a vehicle because, this form of insurance protection is typically only designed to cover damage done to a vehicle including acts of nature like fire, falling objects, vandalism or damages to a vehicle from animals.

Oregon drivers can have complete confidence that the items in their vehicle will be protected if they are stolen by increasing their comprehensive insurance deductible from $200, up to $500 or more and they can also increase their insurance protection by investing in additional insurance coverage like homeowners insurance or insurance riders that their insurance company may offer.

To learn more about comprehensive insurance coverage and how it can protect the items in your vehicle, contact the Howard Steele Insurance Agency today by calling (541) 318-8835 or click here.

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