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Should you shop around for auto insurance in 2019? The answer is yes!

Iѕ ѕhорріng аrоund fоr nеw Cеntrаl Orеgоn Car Inѕurаnсе wоrth уоur time? The еаѕу answer to thіѕ question іѕ уеѕ; thаnkѕ tо thе internet, іt’ѕ nоw easier thаn ever before to shop аrоund fоr саr іnѕurаnсе and ѕаvе yourself hundrеdѕ оf dollars реr уеаr оn a саr іnѕurаnсе роlісу that you mіght otherwise have been […]

How to Compare Online Car Insurance Quotes

Are you searching for car insurance quotes online? If so, click here to get a quote from the Farnsworth Agency or call us at (541) 318-8835. If you’re not ready to get a car insurance quote just yet, this article will provide you with tips you can use for comparing car insurance quotes that you […]

Five Shopping Do’s and Don’ts of Car Insurance

If you’ve been looking at your bills and wondering where you can cut costs, start with getting your car insurance policy re-quoted or changing the coverage. However, shopping only by price can be tricky because the quotes may not reflect the same coverage. You should know whether you’ll be happy with the customer service you receive if you need to make a claim. Here are five do’s and don’ts to follow when shopping for car insurance.