Insuring Underage Oregon Drivers – How To Lower Premiums And Save Money

Almost every parent groans when their child reaches driving age because, driving means that a whole new world of responsibility will be opened to that child and the parent will be faced with the new responsibility as well of paying their child’s Central Oregon car insurance premium.

Why Are Young Drivers So Expensive To Insure?

Young drivers are expensive to insure because of one reason: risk, many car insurance companies see this age group as statistically more expensive to insure, and younger drivers typically pay more than older drivers until they get into their early 20’s.

How Can Underage Drivers Reduce Their Premiums?

For those underage Central Oregon drivers who are tired of paying high car insurance rates, there are a few ways that they can lower their car insurance premiums, especially if they are just learning how to drive:

  • Drivers Training – Underage drivers in Central Oregon can do themselves a favor by signing up for a drivers training course; these courses are excellent because, they will help underage drivers to hone their skills including defensive driving skills and receive a certification that they can then present their insurance company as proof that they are responsible and capable of driving on the open roads.
  • Drive Less – Most young drivers dream about the day that they can get behind the wheel but they can reduce their monthly premiums by driving less per year. This strategy will show their Oregon car insurance company that they are less likely to get into a car accident, because they will be driving less, and they are deserving of low car insurance premiums.
  • Community involvement – Younger drivers, especially Central Oregon students should consider becoming active in the community and start doing things like volunteer work because, this form of responsibility will help to assure their Oregon car insurance company that they are a responsible driver.

Save Money On Car Insurance Today

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