Do You Need Central Oregon Car Insurance?

Do You Need Central Oregon Car Insurance?

Farnsworth Insurance Agency

In 2013 everyone who lives in Central Oregon must have Central Oregon Car Insurance if they want to drive on the roads of towns like Bend, Redmond and Prineville without facing the prospect of getting a ticket, should they be stopped and found to be driving without car insurance.

What Happens When You Drive Without Car Insurance?

The cost of driving without Central Oregon Car Insurance versus paying a monthly car insurance premium can’t be compared considering the fact that one car accident can bring serious physical and financial damages hospital bills, lawsuits and other financial difficulties that may be hard to anyone to ever recover from.

Simple Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance

Instead of driving without Central Oregon Car Insurance there are a variety of things that any driver can do to save money on car insurance each month including:

  • Association Discounts – If you’re a member of AARP, retired, college student or an active member of the military, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for a discount once you provide proof or membership with any of these groups.
  • Bundle Insurance Policies – Families should consider bundling all of their insurance policies with one company because, many insurance companies will offer special “bundle” rates which makes it easy for people to save money on insurance and makes their lives easier too.
  • Good Credit Benefits – Not everyone these days has “good credit” but if you’re fortunate enough to have maintained good credit over the years you owe it to yourself to ask for a good credit discount, and be rewarded for maintaining good credit, especially over the last few years of financial insecurity.

Find Out How Much Money You Can Be Saving

If you’re thinking about getting a Central Oregon Car Insurance Quote, or are just curious about how much you could be saving on car insurance, contact the Farnsworth Agency today by calling us for a free consultation at (541) 318-8835 or clicking here to start your online quote. 

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