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Are Car Insurance And Life Insurance The Same? The Answer Is No

Just about everyone makes the mistake of thinking that if they are killed in a car accident, their car insurance will cover their funeral costs and provide enough money for their heirs to last for years to come but the reality is that if the family members of someone who is killed in a car accident are paid by the insurance company, after the car accident, the car insurance payout wouldn’t be as much as it could have been had they had a life insurance policy.

Thinking about choosing a life insurance policy? It’s easier than you think

As with Oregon car insurance, age doesn’t matter, you can be 16 years old or 25, you still need to have car insurance if you plan on driving the roads of Central Oregon, the same also applies to life insurance; if you’re able to drive, work and live your own life, you should consider having some form of life insurance protection so any debts or expenses can be paid in the event of your untimely death.