Major Problems Plaguing The Insurance Industry – Is Anyone Listening?

Bad customer service: it’s something that plagues the insurance industry and it’s only getting worse thanks to all major insurance companies focusing on turning into online companies, it’s getting harder and harder for the average person to get a hold of an actual insurance agent to help them solve their insurance problem

Don’t Let Your Car Insurance Premium Go Up Like Lindsay Lohans

One celebrity who has been the poster child of what not to do when driving is Lindsay Lohan. Over the last five years celebrity watchers who have followed her exploits, and are familiar with the variety of car accidents that she’s been in, including recent a car accident, that according to reports, might raise her car insurance premiums as high as six figures or higher. What the reports about Lindsay Lohan’s bad driving don’t talk about is that car insurance premiums can be kept low if a driver uses simple logic and common sense to keep their premiums low.

Collision With Deer – How To Protect Yourself In Central Oregon

In Central Oregon, drivers here know that the odds are high that they might encounter a deer while driving on local roads, or highways like Highway 97, sometime within the next 12 months; since it’s not uncommon to see deer in Central Oregon grazing along the highways, fields or in the front yards of homes but, how likely is it that drivers in other states will encounter a deer? A recent study by State Farm showed that the numbers vary from state to state; for example: in West Virginia your chances are 1 in 40 that you will either encounter or strike a deer while driving on the roads there within the next year.

Minnesota Homeowners Experience Huge Increases In Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Homeowners in states that have been hit hard by recent storms have been seeing a big increase in their homeowners insurance premiums but one state has gotten hit really hard recently: Minnesota, where consumers have been subject to big time sticker shock after they saw their recent homeowners insurance premiums and these increases have sent consumers to the internet searching for more affordable homeowners insurance premiums.

Getting Ready For Winter Driving In Central Oregon

Central Oregon Drivers, should you add more car insurance during the winter? Unless you have full coverage car insurance right now, the answer to this question should be yes because, with snow, ice and rain causing wet, winter weather conditions it just makes sense for someone who drives a car or truck in Central Oregon to consider increasing parts of their insurance like collision, liability or comprehensive just so they are protected during those cold winter months.

Affordable Oregon Insurance For Everyone

Unlike other insurance agents or insurance brokers, Tye Farnsworth is a native Oregonian, he was born and raised in Central Oregon and before he got started in the insurance industry Tye started in the construction industry, building homes and commercial buildings throughout Oregon and Washington. After the collapse of the Oregon construction industry in 2007-2008 Tye Farnsworth made his exit from construction and entered the insurance industry, and thanks to his years of working in construction, Tye has developed the ability to listen to his customers needs and provide them with the right Oregon insurance without over-selling them.