Simple tips for teaching your Central Oregon child to drive

Your teenager will learn to drive starting now by modeling your behavior behind the wheel. For example: if they see you speeding down Highway 79 in Central Oregon, they will be inclined to do the same because, they will think it’s okay for them to speed if you’re not afraid to go over the speed limit.

Central Oregon Full Coverage Car Insurance – Do You Need It?

Are you thinking about choosing full coverage car insurance for your Bend Oregon family? You’re not alone. Full coverage car insurance is becoming increasingly more popular with Bend Oregon drivers because, it will protect any family if they get into a car accident on the roads of Central Oregon and with the coming fall and winter months, it’s more important than ever before for any driver in Central Oregon to choose full coverage car insurance.

Four Easy Steps To Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance companies always look first at where you park your vehicle every night and factor in if your car or truck is parked outside compared to inside a garage or parking structure so, if you currently live in an Central Oregon apartment, that only offers on street parking, you might want to consider finding another apartment that offers you the ability to park your vehicle inside a garage or parking structure.